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Province of South Cotabato

16 groups to compete for the 2nd Tnalak fest national open hip hop competition

At least 16 dance groups will compete for the 2nd National Open Hip-hop competition, one of the events during the 53rd foundation anniversary and 20th Tnalak festival in July. Event Chairperson Engr. Feliz Sadiang-abay said al things are in placed. The competing groups are the following: 1.Velocity X – Kalibo, Aklan 2. T.Y.G.A – Davao […]

DILG rolls out local mechanisms to end local communist armed conflict in South Cotabato

Koronadal City—The Provincial DILG here rolled out an action plan to end local communist armed conflict, institutionalizing the whole-of -nation-approach to attain inclusive and sustainable peace. Lawyer Michelle Viejo, Acting Provincial Director, said the action plan establishes a local version of strategies to curb armed conflict in South Cotabato. “The government believes that each province […]

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No ‘online membership processing,’ Philhealth warns public

Koronadal City—Philhealth clears out that, “there is no such thing as online membership processing,” stressing that this is a kind of fraud, a high-ranking official from the regional office warned the public. Nevin Hallegado, Chief of the Membership Division of Philhealth 12, announced that “online membership processing defrauds Philhealth.” “I have to emphasize that there […]