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Economic restart underway in South Cotabato amid Covid-19

South Cotabato plans to make an economic restart after the April 30 Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) if no more Covid-19 positive case will turn-out in the province.
For more than a week, the province posted no more positive cases which prompted the Inter-Agency Task Force on Covid-19 headed by Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. for a possible lifting of the ECQ.
Tamayo disclosed that during the IATF emergency meeting held last week, there are four criteria that were given due consideration for the lifting of the ECQ.
First, if the curve has been flattened or slow down the transmission of the virus. For more than a week, there were no more positive cases reported in the province. Out of the three positive cases reported, one already tested negative based on the repeat test. The two are set for a repeat test next week, the Integrated Provincial Health Office report.
Second, Availability of the Covid Center which is now situated in the Upper Valley Area. Given due consideration is the availability of sufficient health personnel.
Third, ample Essential Equipment for the Frontliners. These include the availability of h complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). Last week, at least a thousand PPEs arrive for use of the health frontliners while the province awaits another 4,000 sets of PPEs.
Lastly, the capability for contact tracing. Tamayo said the province is formulating a system that will trace contacts of a Covid positive. This is through the establishment of a database that will track down whoever entered a certain establishment. He added, the idea of issuing a common identification card for all residents in the province is underway which will help fast-track contact tracing.
Tamayo said if the situation will continue to get better based on their assessment, the opening of the businesses will go through several phases.
He said businesses to be given priority for the reopening are those included under the “Need” category rather than those “wants”.
“These businesses are still subject to evaluation by the taskforce,” Tamayo said,
While economic activity will be opened, there will still be border restrictions for other neighboring cities and provinces, Tamayo clarified.
“An executive order is set to be issued anytime this week .” He said.

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