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Province of South Cotabato

History of South Cotabato

Timeline of South Cotabato's History

These are the timeline of the history of the province of South Cotabato. Learn about the first pioneers and settlers in the province.

Timeline of South Cotabato's History

The Pre-20th Century

Area sparsely inhabited by Muslims, B’laans, Manobo, Tagabilis, and other ethnic groups of Malayan stock.

Malayan pioneers led a peaceful, isolated existence.

Date: Pre-20th Century

The 15th Century

Arrival of Sariph Kabungsuan of Arabia in Cotabato. Introduction of Mohammedan religion and conversion of Malayan settlers.

Establishment of Sultanate of Mindanao and the system of "Datuism".

Date: 15th Century

The 17th Century

Southern part of Cotabato relatively unaffected by Muslim conversion and Spanish colonization.

Spanish established a fort in Cotabato City but failed to expand due to resistance.

Date: 17th Century - Late 19th Century

The 20th Century

American colonial rule starts; introduction of the policy of attraction.

1914-1937: Period of preparation and initial progress under American rule.

Immigration from Luzon and the Visayas begins, particularly noticeable from 1914.

Date: Early 20th Century