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– SCCAC to pass resolution on Arts & Culture Coordinator designation

The South Cotabato Culture and Arts Council (SCCAC) is planning to enjoin LGUs to designate an Arts & Culture Coordinator in order to give focus on their respective cultural programs.

            SCCAC discussed the matter during their recent regular Council Meeting after noticing that some LGUs have no permanent or designated representative in attendance during meetings.

            A draft resolution was presented to the body during said meeting and if approved. will be submitted to concerned LGUs through their respective LCE for their appropriate action.

The creation of the position of Arts and Culture Coordinator/designate in every municipality/city in the Province, the resolution further added, is needed  to sustain the gains of cultural development in the province.

              ction 16 of the Local Government Code of 1991, states that “every LGU is mandated to ensure and support among other things the preservation and enrichment of culture within its territorial jurisdiction.”

                     DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2002-81 likewise enjoins all Local Government Unit to legislate for the establishment of a Local Culture and Arts Council, implement related projects, and to strengthen existing ones thereafter.

                     South Cotabato LGU has formed its Local Culture and Arts council as embodied in DILG MC 2002-81 that is supportive in the preservation, and promotion of local ethnic Culture in the Province.


The cultural development of the province for the past years needs to be sustained and enriched according to SCCAC, as it clearly contributes to the progress of talents and understanding of tradition and values of the South Cotabateños.


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