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SCRDC seeks continues support on rehab programs

The South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center recommends the continued support on their programs to help Persons Deprived of Liberty become productive despite being inside the facility.
Provincial Warden Felicito Gumapac said they envision the SCRDC as a facility that ensures effective correctional and rehabilitative programs geared towards inmates’ reformation and reintegration to society.
He said to reach this vision the SCRDC is implementing programs to help their clients acquire knowledge and skills which they can use the moment they regain their liberty.
These include the conduct of Alternative Learning School (ALS) to 93 registered learners.
Scholarship coming from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) were also granted interested individuals. 25 PDLs attended Electrical Housewiring Installation NCII and 50 PDLs were granted Automotive NCI scholarship.
200 PDLs attended Behavioral Reformation Seminar and Orientation for newly committed.
There were also sports and other physical fitness activities and the provision of livelihood programs (parol making).
To date, there are at least 1,667 total number of PDLs inside the SCRDC which include 1556 males and 111 females.

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