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SouthCot gives importance to PWDs

South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. emphasized the giving of importance to persons with disabilities by providing them equal rights in order to improve their total well-being and be integrated into the mainstream of society.
During the 2020 General Assembly of the South Cotabato Association of Persons with Disabilities (SCAPWD) held early this week, Governor Tamayo said, the provincial government will create plantilla position to oversee and manage the program responsive to their needs. Republic Act No. 10070 otherwise known as an act” Establishing Institutional Mechanism To Ensure The Implementation Of Programs And Services For Persons With Disabilities In Every Province, City, and Municipality, Amending Republic Act No. 7277, Otherwise Known As The Magna Carta For Disabled Persons, As Amended, And For Other Purposes” aims to promote the establishment of organizations of persons with disabilities (PWDs).
The association has nominated among themselves the applicants for the position of Persons with Disability Affairs Officer (PDAO) which will undergo a selection process before formally appointed by the governor. The activity was facilitated by the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office with support from the Human Resource Management Department and the DILG.

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