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3 tourist spots in South Cotabato belong to top 10 SOX tourist attractions

Koronadal City—Three out of the top 10 most visited tourist attractions in the region are from South Cotabato,  a provincial tourism  report confirmed.

Based on the 2019 Top 10 Tourist Attractions list, the 7 Falls Zipline (Lake Sebu) was on top four, followed by Mambukal Hot Sulfur Spring (City of Koronadal) on top six, and Punta Isla on top 10.

Seven Falls Zipline gathered 168, 688 visitors last year while Mambukal Hot Spring brought in 126, 299.

Punta Isla, meanwhile, was visited by 80, 095 tourists.

The top one tourist attraction in the region is London Beach Resort of General Santos City with 390, 279 visitors came in last year.

Analiza Mondejar, Tourism Operations Officer I, said the result is based on the submitted data on tourist arrivals.

“Data are submitted to the region every quarter but, the office gathered it every month,” Mondejar said.

Data offer the competitiveness of tourist destinations. It can support decision making in tourism management, she said

Mondejar encouraged tourism facility owners to submit reliable data because these data can be assumed as the basis for improving the quality of tourism services by public and private organizations.

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