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PEMO includes other special wastes on its long term plans

Aside from the health care wastes from hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers, the Provincial Environment and Management Office plans to widen its services to cater to other special wastes.
PEMO Chief Siegfred Flaviano said, their office has the necessary permits to cater to these special wastes such as used oils from fuels, septic tanks, and e-wastes from computers and other electrical equipment.
This can all be possible through the continued improvement of their facilities and equipment, he said.
Flaviano said that the special wastes from fuel are sent to other places for disposal. If there is a facility in the province, it can readily be catered and the province can generate revenue out from it.
The PEMO plans to expand the facility located at Brgy. Tinongcop in Tantangan when needed. The Integrated Provincial Environment Management Center has enough space for the putting up of a facility for septage waste treatment disposal.
Septage wastes are the liquid and solid materials coming from septic tanks in homes, offices, or establishments.
Another special waste for consideration is the e-waste from electronic products. Households consume a large number of appliances that when broken, are not properly disposed of. The same goes for schools and offices with so many computer units and laptops used for their operations.
E-waste has heavy metals and toxic substances which when not properly disposed of can be dangerous to health and also to the environment.
“These are our future and long plans to cater to these needs,” Flaviano said,

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