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South Cotabato Tourism Industry generates more than 4,000 jobs in 2022

Some 4,250 jobs were generated from the tourism industry in 2022 in South Cotabato, ghe Arts, Culture, Tourism & Museum Unit (ACTMU) reported.

          Richie Matunding, ACTMU Statistician disclosed that the report was taken  from 415 toueism-operated establishmens (TOEs) operating in the province

          Jobs generated came from Accomodatiion/Resort, Travel & Tours, Eco-Guide, MICE Facility, Food & Dining, Health & Wellness, Recreational Facility,/Resort,  Attraction Site, Agri-Tourism, Ambulatory  Clinic, Specialty Shop/Tourist Shop, Transport Operator and Tourism-Related Establishment.

          About 2,100 rooms were occupied by tourists out of the total 8,531 room capacity from said TOEs, ACTMU added.












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